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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hospice care only for the elderly? Hospice care is available to people of all ages, including children who have been diagnosed with a progressive or life limiting illness.

Who decides if Hospice is needed? The Medical Provider, patient and family determine when Hospice care is needed and what services are necessary. A patient can receive Hospice care after he/she is diagnosed with a terminal or life limiting illness, has less than six months to live and no longer seeks or desires curative treatment.

What if a patient cannot receive Hospice care at home?For patients requiring more intensive care, we have Hospice rooms available at Eastern Montana Veterans Home and in Extended Care.
Can GMC Hospice patients continue seeing their primary Medical Provider? Yes. The patient's primary Medical Provider works closely with the Hospice Director and interdisciplinary team to develop a plan of care and ensure the patient's end-of-life preferences are met.

What if a patient's condition improves after he or she enters Hospice? Patients can choose to be discharged from Hospice at any time.

When should GMC Hospice be contacted? Hospice care is appropriate when curative treatments are no longer available or desired. It is typically best to call Hospice sooner rather than later, as this allows us to provide patients with proper pain management, along with spiritual and emotional support in an early stage. Hospice can help during a patient's last days, but early intervention offers the most benefits to patients and their families.