COVID-19 Donations

COVID-19 Donations

Due to an outpouring of generous responses to our request for donated items, we have created this page to help answer questions about specifications and proper delivery.


Gowns (Contact Brenda for the materials and pattern)

Face Masks (No Longer Need! These have been fulfilled! THANK YOU!!)

Laundry Bags (No Longer Need! These have been fulfilled! THANK YOU!!)


N95 Masks
Tyvek Suits
Alcohol Wipes
Disposable Gloves

Details about delivering items:

Sewn items or supplies:
Please call Brenda Nissley at (406) 979-9746 or (406) 345-3304 for questions or delivery.

All other items:
Please call Todd Opp at (406) 939-2225 or Materials Management at (406) 345-3393 for questions or delivery.

Sewn items will be delivered to (call Brenda before delivering):

Glendive Medical Center - Marketing/Foundation Office
202 W Ames Wye.
(Light blue house on the corner of West Ames and East Ames - behind the hospital directly across from the back side of Extended Care).