Why Work at GMC

We would love to work with you!

At GMC, we pride ourselves on the balance of fostering a spirit of excellence at work while keeping family and personal time a priority. GMC employees enjoy a slower pace that rural life offers and it is common for our staff to say they feel they can actually work with purpose as they are not a number and neither are our patients. We believe in a unified team atmosphere at GMC and staff are welcoming and helpful. We are continuing to grow services and are a top leader in healthcare in Eastern Montana.

"Hi, I'm Ceeara. I work here at Glendive Medical Center as a CNA in the ER, acute care, behavioral health, and the transitional care unit. I really enjoy the different experiences I have working in various departments. When someone is new, the staff knows it will take time to learn a position and you are included as part of the team. I have always felt very appreciated by my colleagues, doctors and nurses alike. It takes all of us to build a great foundation."

The Best is Yet to Come