Visitor Restrictions


Please do not come to Glendive Medical Center if you do not need medical care.
In response to rapidly changing developments with the coronavirus (COVID-19), new visitation and admission restrictions are in effect.
Visitors should refrain from coming to our facility.

Patients Seeking Care

If you are in need of emergency medical care please visit the ER department or call 911. Unless you are experiencing a medical emergency, access to Glendive Medical Center is currently limited to those with appointments only, with the exception of the Emergency Department. Please call 345-8901 or 345-3306 to set up your appointment.

If you are having respiratory symptoms but are not experiencing a medical emergency please call ahead to 345-8811 prior to coming to the ER.


NO VISITORS are allowed unless:

  • You are the support person for an obstetric patient in labor. (Only 1 person allowed)
  • You are a designated driver for a surgery patient. (Only 1 person allowed)
  • The patient is a minor. (Only 1 parent/guardian allowed)
  • he patient is physically unable to come alone. (Only 1 person allowed)
  • You are an immediate family member of a patient that is in critical condition or end-of-life. (Only 2 people)

Any Visitor that fits one of the above criteria must be healthy and may not display any signs of sore throat, chills, stuffy nose, fever, cough, aches, headache.

*All visitors will be screened for symptoms. Please see a staff member for a Symptom Questionnaire prior to visiting patient.

Departments Closed to In-Person Services

  • Administration (call 345-3302 for assistance)
  • Business Office (call 345-3350 for assistance)
  • Health Information Management (call 345-3390 for assistance)
  • Gift Shop
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation (phase 3 closed, phase 2 open with symptom screening call 345-3309 for more info)

Effective Immediately Until Further Notice

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.