Eastern Montana Veterans Home Releases Update on Respiratory Illness Outbreak

Glendive, Montana, December 21, 2017 - Eastern Montana Veterans Home (EMVH) has released updated information regarding the respiratory illness that has affected many residents. Christy Kemp, EMVH Administrator, stated, "Today a review of EMVH's influenza outbreak was conducted and it was determined that the actual outbreak can be considered resolved at this time. However, we still have residents with respiratory or other illness symptoms, so we are continuing to follow specific infection control precautions".

Visitors are allowed at this time and they will continue to be educated on how to protect themselves due to ongoing resident respiratory symptoms. Visitors are encouraged to limit time spent by small children and those with immunocompromised statuses. Activities will be resumed with educational precautions given to volunteers while in the building.

A repeat influenza outbreak could reoccur so residents are being monitored regularly and symptoms are being reported to IFC.

EMVH will continue to update the state health department of the facility daily. Visitors are encouraged to call the nurses station for updates at 406-345-8855.