Glendive Medical Center Now Offers Digital E-Statements

Glendive Medical Center (GMC) has announced they are now offering the option of digital e-statements effective immediately. E-statements offer patients an easier and faster way to view and pay their statements. Digital statements also help reduce paper waste in our local landfill, an effort GMC is proactively embracing.

Patients will now receive a text, or email that offers the option to opt into or out of digital statements.

Patients are always in control of how they receive their statements and have the option to opt in or opt out at any time. If a patient receives a text, they may reply “STOP” to the text and receive their statement by mail instead. Otherwise, by clicking on the link, they will be able to opt in to view their statement and pay online. An email may also be sent to a patient. The email will come from the address, If a patient does not opt in through the email after 10 days, a paper statement will be issued.

To opt in for digital statements, go to and click the “Bill Pay” button at the top of the menu. Enter your statement reference number and birth date to be directed to the online digital statement page. Follow the prompts to opt in.

For more information, visit or call 406-345-2626.