New Cancer Bell Rings End of Chemotherapy at GMC

When Marion Quick finished her final round of chemotherapy at Glendive Medical Center (GMC), she became the first patient to celebrate her achievement with the hospital’s new cancer bell.

“I am excited to be the first to ring the bell,” stated Marion, “My chemotherapy is done, and I want to thank the chemotherapy staff who have treated me like a friend and made my whole experience more comfortable.”

The bell idea came from the untimely passing of a GMC employee earlier this year. Annette Koski worked as a Pharmacist in GMC Pharmacy for nearly four years when she passed away from cancer in March. Annette’s coworkers were presented with funds donated through GMC’s charitable employee program, Jeans for Charity, where employees can donate $1 each payday to help towards employee or community needs and crisis.

The pharmacy staff visited with the chemotherapy staff about the idea of using the funds towards installing a cancer bell for patients finishing chemotherapy in Annette’s memory. Ideas were drawn up and GMC Foundation ordered a bell and inscription plate and worked with local woodworking artist, Brianna Hoftiezer of Wildwood MT to create the wooden base.

“I immediately decided to donate the wooden base as cancer has touched our family as well,” stated Brianna.

KyAnn Norcutt, Certified Pharmacy Technician offered a verse for the inscription plate that the teams agreed would resonate with anyone who rang the bell. The inscription reads, “I have Fought the Good Fight, I have Finished the Course, I have Kept the Faith.” Timothy 4:7 – In Memory of Annette Koski, PharmD, 08/07/1964 – 03/20/2022.

The bell, which was installed early in October, will be used to signify a patient’s completion of chemotherapy at GMC’s surgery center. The money saved from Brianna’s generosity has been designated towards the purchase of chemotherapy hats for patients. The hats are for added warmth, especially as we enter the winter months.

GMC's chemotherapy infusion center offers services such as chemotherapy, MS treatments, IV arthritis medications, IV antibiotics, and more without having to do an inpatient admit. This allows patients to stay a short distance from their homes where they can have more rest and greater ease of obtaining transportation to their appointments. The facility's new cancer bell adds a great new way to celebrate victory over a challenging diagnosis.