Wearing a Mask Helps Cut Back on the Viral Load

I am a mom, wife, and nurse, all which have turned out to be my biggest blessing. Each teaching me something different and something important.

2020 has been such a challenge for us all. Some having babies in a pandemic, some losing loved ones in a pandemic, and all of us living in a pandemic. All of these have been new and hard experiences because of COVID-19. Nothing is what it “used to be” because of one small, but big thing. One small, but big thing we can do to help get things back to as close to normal as possible is simply wearing a mask.

By wearing a mask you cut back on the viral load, or amount of the virus, that you are exposed to. Masks protect you AND your neighbor.

We see patients isolated for days, weeks, in a room where the only outside interaction is with us coming and going periodically. While we also have to keep a close watch on the amount of time we are spending in the room to keep ourselves safe.

We have a team that supports each other 100%. We are willing to do anything for one another and that’s really special. We understand that people are tired of the mandates, the masks, the social distancing but we are also tired. We’re tired of some not taking this seriously. We’re tired physically, emotionally, and mentally. We’re tired of being questioned. We are stressed and burned out. At the same time we never stop thinking about how we can protect our community, our families, and ourselves.

It’s easy for outsiders to look away, but we’re here for it day in and day out. We all wish things would go back to “normal”, but right now, please do your part in our community by wearing your mask. If you can do one thing as simple as wearing your mask, there is a chance you could prevent ONE case and that’s making a difference. Please do this for you, for someone else, and for the healthcare workers trying to save lives in this pandemic.