Urgent Care Transitions to Viral Patients Only

Glendive Medical Center announced today that Urgent Care will be open for patients with viral illnesses only due to an increase in patients with respiratory and covid symptoms.

Patients with respiratory or suspected covid symptoms must call ahead to Urgent Care for an appointment at 406-345-3311 and are asked to ring the doorbell when they arrive for their appointment. If severe symptoms, including shortness of breath, are occurring, patients will need to be seen at GMC Emergency Department. Please call 911 or the Emergency Department at 406-345-3314 prior to coming in so staff can prepare for your arrival.

All regular, non-viral Urgent Care visits are now being directed to the Gabert Clinic and patients must call ahead for an appointment at 406-345-8901. No walk-ins are allowed in Gabert Clinic or Urgent Care at this time.

"We appreciate the community’s support with these changes as we begin to see an increase in Covid cases,” stated Parker Powell, CEO, “safety is our number one focus as we triage patients to ensure viral symptoms are being seen in designated areas away from patients who are being seen for non-viral illnesses and injuries.”