Notice Concerning Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Letters

Glendive, Montana, July 12, 2017- Patients who have received letters from Blue Cross Blue Shield since early June 2017, may have received a letter requesting a returned payment due to an error. 

"We have been getting some calls in the Business office about Blue Cross Blue Shield sending letters to some of our patients asking for money back that they sent to them when they processed claims for some of our clinic physicians as out of network. The letter says „This payment should not have been made because the services were submitted in error‟", stated Bill Robinson, Chief Financial Officer at Glendive Medical Center. 

The Business Office is aware of the issue and is asking patients to please contact them to make sure GMC has received payment from Blue Cross Blue Shield. Simultaneously, they can get a Self-Pay refund to patients so that they can complete the requested action to Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

The Business Office is located on the third floor of Glendive Medical Center and can be reached at 406-345-3350, Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm.